The Behold is a gourd lamp classic in our region, Eastern Mediterranean. We call this type of gourd craft 'compass work' as the circles that form the main theme of the lamp is generated with the help of a compass. We follow the lines made by the compass with a drill to make the holes on the gourd and that's how we can obtain perfect circles on the gourd. My interpretation of this classic has additional side craft formed of uneven larger holes which create an aura around the gourd when lit. I finish The Behold by applying a gentle layer of varnish leaving the gourd's natural and organic look visible when unlit under daylight.


In a world and markets full of brilliant ideas and products, I believe my lamps stand out in their own way as unique gift ideas for many occasions as they are entirely handmade and can't be found easily in every shopping mall. That's why I believe you may consider The Behold as a gift for many occasions. I believe this lamp has the power to make someone dear feel special on top of its lighting and decorative characteristics.

The Behold