The DNA is more than just a handmade gourd lampshade with circular formations.

The DNA is a cool buddy and 24 hour company. You place this lampshade in your room and no matter what time of the day and no matter lit or unlit, you will realize that you feel its existence. And if you try this lampshade with different sources of light, you will see that it adopts to your mood perfectly. Try with a spinning, color changing LED, The DNA will party with you. Try with a dimmeble light source, it will watch a movie with you. Increase the wattage, The DNA will be your room mate while you are reading your magazine and drinking your coffee. This lampshade will bond with you as long as you want it to.

With a large opening under the gourd, the lampshade will sit on any light source easily. Calabash gourd is light weight and you can simply carry it to another room or to another house, no problem. And just in case you consider this design as a gift. Teenagers and college students love it.