The Dolphin

Dolphins are one of the most playful and intelligent animals on the world. I personally adore them and I am sure it would be really hard to fins someone who doesn't love them. That's why more than unavoidable, it was a necessity for me to have a dolphin in our collection.

I recommend those who use my lamps try different light sources. Try them with low wattage, change the color and use LEDs. Each and every single experiment will bring a different effect. These lampshades are easy to use, there is a large hole underneath the lampshade and it will sit on any light source easily. They are light weight, you can lift and carry around, no problem.

Like most of the designs made for kids, the head section has no drills just in case you want to use it as a night light, it wouldn't spread light to the entire room. I have used a simple dolphin figure and created a wave effect with drill holes presenting the dolphins as if they are jumping off the water.