The Eccentric is one of the experimental works which I designed and introduced to my collection in back in early 2016. She remained in the collection since then as one of the best selling lamps and as a member which attracted a lot of interest.


The Eccentric separates its self with a unique and distinctive shaping work at its head section which adds a bizarre touch to its functionality as a lamp. This gourd lamp has sectional drilling and beading work as well as gold color acrylic sections which are visible under daylight. The lamp is built on a white airbrush background and there are brown airbrush layers all visible when unlit under daylight. That's why I believe The Eccentric is not only a strange and attractive lamp but also an unusual and charming object with its appearance under daylight. I believe as a pioneer which opened doors for other similar designs to emerge, The Eccentric is a reflection of my understanding of progressive gourd crafting.


I have seen many people who bought The Eccentric as a gift as it is an uncommon object and a handcrafted item in its entirety. She is not a product that you can find in any shopping mall. Suitable for many occasions, birthdays, valentines day, Christmas and anniversaries, this gourd lamp also attract young people and teenagers.