The Enigma

The Enigma is an unpredictable illumination voyage. She is not only bizarre as an object but also an outstanding lampshade capable of creating an infinite number of effects depending on the light source you use. Simply turn the lampshade around and with every different angle, you will observe something divergent. Change the color or the nature of the light source and you will experience some other visual alchemy.

The lampshade is divided into four sections vertically. Two of these sections are a mixture of drilling and beading work where the other two is formed of deep sectional cuts. The sections with cuts will reflect the true color of the light source inside where the section with the beadwork will alter the color inside. There are two blank sections placed vertically which add depth to the wizardry of the lampshade.
The Enigma is not an ordinary lampshade that you will come across on an ordinary day. She is exceptional not only by its raw material calabash but also a true handcraft which is made only by a few artisans in the world. If you like atypical things, enjoy prominent objects that make a statement and like to own things that only a few number of people owns, then The Enigma is a perfect choice either for yourself or for someone dear.