The Felicity
Natural Finish
Red Beadwork

The Felicity is an immediate mood changer and bringer of good vibes and color. The second you turn this gourd lamp on, it will change the entire atmosphere within the room and consecutively strengthen the personality of the environment.
The Felicity separates itself from many other gourd lamp designs with her balanced beading work and blank sections. We currently keep three versions of The Felicity. This particular version you are looking at has natural finish which is simply varnishing the gourd once crafting is complete. The beads on the gourd lamp is red.
In a world and markets full of brilliant ideas and products, I believe my lamps stand out in their own way as unique gift ideas for many occasions as they are entirely handmade and can't be found easily in every shopping mall. That's why I believe you may consider The Felicity as a gift for valentines day, mothers day, housewarming as well as anniversary and birthday. I believe this lamp has the power to make someone dear feel special on top of its lighting and decorative characteristics.

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