Originally a custom order, now a part of our 2017 collection, named after the first owner, The Float is an exceptional gourd lamp and the story of a jellyfish family. The calabash based gourd lamp has remarkable side craft made by composing drill holes at varying diameters and bead lacing which gives the impression of the depths of the seas. The two child is placed in the head section while the mother and father are placed around the larger sections of the gourd completing the family voyaging through the brightness of the shallow seas.

The Float is not only a remarkable gourd craft and an unusual lamp but a great company that brings the family together, creates joy to your children and alternatively a thrilling gift for anyone no matter they have an interest in marine life or not.

Try using this lampshade with different colors of light, changing wattage and maybe with spinning LEDs. The Float will take you to different seas and different oceans each time you experiment with the source of light making this lampshade a timeless piece of your home and a lifetime company.

The Float