The Helix

Although this lampshade looks like an outcome of helix style drills and multi-color beadwork, making a replica of this lamp is a challenge of its own. Well provided that you are producing something decent.

A design which most commercial gourd crafters avoid because of its difficulty in crafting. You need a lot of patience to make sure you open proper drill holes on the slippery and curvy body of the calabash. However, the outcome is a superior, colorful aura blast into your room, a blazing spread of positive and calm energy and removal of anything negative in your soul. The Helix is a healer.

Simply place The Helix into your favorite corner in your living room. Make sure you have different colors of light bulbs or LEDs. pick up a color of your choice and turn it on. The Helix has the ability to meet your mood and turn the atmosphere into anything you like.

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