The Matrix


One of the tricky gourd lamp designs I came up with in earlier 2017. A challenging work in the eyes of a gourd crafter and an attractive design for those who appreciate intelligence in handcraft. A design which I sought simplicity in appearance but wanted to express complexity in meaning.

The challenge is to drill straight lines on the curvy and circular body of the gourd in a proportional manner. A further challenge lies in combining a systematic form with a non-systematic form which creates depth and meaning to something simple. The Matrix is a beadless work which means that there is nothing between the gourd and the source of light inside. ın other words, it is just the gourd and the light. And you please challenge yourself and the lamp by experimenting with different color, nature, and wattage of the light source. With each different light source, you will discover further depths and joy of The Matrix.

Like almost all my lamps, The Matrix can be considered an interesting, uncommon and unusual gift idea for many occasions. Can be a birthday gift for a grandchild, a housewarming gift for a newly married couple or a thank you gift for a teenager. I presume it all depends on yourself and your perceptions. No matter what occasion, as a gift, The Matrix is not just an object and a lamp but also a generator of positive vibes which will remind about yourself when lit each and every single night.