The Stargate is a modern interpretation of classic gourd works in our region with psychedelic elements and multi-color beadwork.

In addition to its cheerful personality, The Stargate has some hidden powers which may bond with your personality. Once lit in a slightly darkened room, this lamp shade will provide enough brightness which will reach to every single dark corner distributing its charm on the objects within the room. When sitting by the lampshade sipping your coffee or a drink, The Stargate will give you comfort and peace preparing you a journey in your soul. And if you want to pass through the gates on the lamp, she will let you travel within the gourd taking you to the places that you want to go or to the places you have never been before. Stargate's boundaries are only limited by your imagination. And if you experiment this lampshade with different colors, the wattage or type of light, The Stargate may even take you to a voyage in time or a voyage to another dimension.

The Stargate

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