The Suave

The Suave is a Mediterranean classic with the touch of Rising Star. Divided into three sections, this calabash based gourd lamp is an outcome of heavy drill work at the top and bottom section and with fine and pretty flower-like shapes in the central section.

Our gourd lamps are so easy to use. There is a large hole underneath the gourd. The lampshade will sit on any light source easily making it a lamp with multi personality. Every time you alter the light source, a different effect and a different appearance will reveal itself. Change the color, you will change the atmosphere in the room. Change the wattage, the room will adapt to your mood. Use the lampshade with a spinning and color changing LED, there goes your party buddy to entertain your friends.

And if you consider The Suave as a gift, I can comfortably say that she is a timeless piece for any occasion, a unique handmade option with a lot of positive energy.