The Two Chimps

Sometimes I am questioned about the designs I make for children. Why mostly animals? The answer is simple. We are living in an age where kids are constantly engaged with gaming and television. If we don't give enough importance in teaching them wild life, nature and conservation, not only ours but their future is under threat as well.

And why am I supposed to worry about it. Because as an artist of an entirely handmade craft, I feel that I carry some sort of a responsibility. My lamps are not objects that you will see in a store window at your shopping mall. You can't find these lamps made from an entirely organic material calabash at the minute you want. I make and sell something to the parents who are concerned about certain issues when it comes to their kids. That's why my lamps need to seperate themselves from other objects for kids. The parent need to know this is an organic material, handmade and has something to give to the child. And there can't be a better message than creating awareness of these creatures that we share our planet.